Our Services

Visa / Immigration

Preview Orientation

  • Present City One Pager Orientation of Expat Friendly Neighborhoods.
  • Housing Introduction
  • Education Overview and Coordination of School visits

Home Search

  • Present information kit.
  • Introduction of all expat friendly neighborhoods
  • Pre-screening sample housings based on Need Assessment
  • Negotiation and securing the identified housing
  • Lease formalization

Education Assistance

  • Recommendation of school options.
  • Guidance to start online application.
  • Liaison admission officer with the parents upon application.
  • Coordinate on school appointment.
  • Accompany on the campus tour.

Lease Negotiation and Renew

  • Terms negotiations.
  • Assure all repairs complete.
  • Lease review.
  • Lease formalization.

Temporary Accommodation

  • Property Research.
  • Booking coordinated.
  • Coordination of house viewings.
  • Assistance with negotiations.
  • Coordination on lease formalization or booking complete.

Settling In Assistance

  • Connection of all utilities of the new home.
  • Move-in inventory check complete.
  • ntroduction of leisure, grocery shopping, medical facilities and expat communities.
  • Subscription of local SIM and mobile phone purchase.
  • Bank account opening.
  • Assistance in obtaining valid DL status.

Tenancy Management

  • Bridging between tenant and home-owner upon issue arise during the tenancy.
  • Resolve issues to ensure the housing is tenable.

Expense Management

  • Arrangement on routine rental related payments.

Transportation Assistance

  • Airport transport coordinate.

Cross Cultural Training

  • Awareness of cultural faux-pas and taboos.
  • Understanding the language.
  • Adapt to local daily living
  • Explore new communication tips in cultural difference

Departure Assistance

  • Assistance on lease termination.
  • Cancellation of internet, cable, landline and final bills cleared.
  • Coordination and accompany on home return.
  • Negotiations on dilapidations with home-owners.
  • Assure retrieval of withholding security deposit.
  • Mail re-forward assistance
  • Membership cancellation
  • Arrange transfer of school records